January 27, 2015 | Posted in: journaling

To be or not to be … A Nutritarian

A nutritarian diet is one base on eating highly nutritious foods, mostly plant-based and whole.  Over the last 3 years, Don and I have given up animal products and have made it a point to nourished ourselves with plant-based whole foods.  For me it’s been a struggle to follow, not because I’ve given up most animal products, but because I’ve become mostly a “junk” vegan.

I don’t consider myself 100% vegan because I still eat eggs 1-2 times per month and seafood 3-4 times per year.  Also, if there is cheese or milk on something I’m eating, as long as it is not an everyday occurrence, I’m ok with it.  The “junk vegan” comes into play for everyday meals where I indulge in rice, breads, pastas, and/or “vegan” sweets.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, our staple meal was rice and beans.  Pasta was something you ate once in a while, although pizza could be eaten at any time, especially in the company of friends.

Over the years and the older I get, I find that it’s become harder and harder to shed the extra pounds that refine flours and sugar tend to put on my body.  No matter how many hours a day I go to the gym or how many miles I run on weekdays and weekends, I still can’t shed the last 20-30 pounds I need to get to my ideal weight.

Hydrating myself is another issue.  Keeping my body alkalized is a shore and I know that I’m constantly dehydrated.  Even when I’m thirsty and I’m craving a large glass of water, I refuse to take the time to drink it.

I share this struggle, because like me, I know there is so many others that go thru this on a daily basis.  On the surface, I may always look like I’m doing everything perfect, however choosing the foods I partake from everyday it’s always a tough choice.

Adamy Diaz

Adamy is the President and owner of Artistik Dreamlife Design Studio, a web and graphic design company in Greer, SC. Adamy enjoys creating artwork in various media and designing and developing websites. When not working, she spend time writing, journaling, and creating digital combines with my her photography and writing. Her hobbies include: running marathons and ultra-marathons with her husband, reading and watching movies. Occasionally, you may find her at an airport looking at planes and longing for the time when she use to fly them. Originally from Puerto Rico, she moved to the states in 1991 and eventually settled in Greer in 1997. She’s been married to Don Carpenter since 1999. Together, they own Angel Dolfyn Massage and Be@Peace ~Products with Purpose. Adamy’s Philosophy: The decisions we make determine the life we live! The destination is never as important as the journey there! Life is all about the journey!