Forever in your Debt

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December 30th, 2013

To all of you that believe in me and trust me,
To all of you that give me the chance to be better than I believe myself to be,
To all of you that give my life purpose and meaning,
I am forever in your debt.

Thank you for your trust,
Thank you for your patience,
Thank you for the opportunity
To be the best I can be.

I am forever grateful
You all bring out the best in me.


Journey Home

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Life is a winding road
That takes you places unknown.
The road less traveled, it may seem
Because one has never before on it been.

Some say there is a circle
That walks you thru life.
Others say it’s just a road
That turns and forks a while,
And takes you down the beaten path
Thru a journey home and wild.

There are days that come with ease
And days that are just a tease.
There are days that are so hard
They leave you with a broken heart.
For those days that shine ahead
Of careless woes or solemn tears
Let the road lead you home
Where you will find all that is dear.

Written: June 2013


Shooting Stars

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To dreams come true!


At night we look up to the sky,
Wondering what we’ll see.
And when we see a star is falling,
We quickly make a wish.

Our mind and energy,
Our thoughts and feelings,
All conspiring to bring us joy,
Conjured up the very thing
That we have just wished for.

So in a night clear and calm,
With stars as diamond glass,
If you see a shooting star
Make a wish; know in your heart,
That what you have wished for,
Soon will come to pass!


Written: February 7, 2002
A version of this poem was first Published in “The Beauty of Darkness”
by The International Library of Poetry in 2003