2018-01 ~Jan 07

By on January 7, 2018

It’s been 2-years since I last journaled on this site.  Much has happened since.  I was journaling on paper during the first 4-months of that year.  Every entry also included a drawing for the day.

Life continued not to be simple.  The rat-race of every day overwhelm me and time flew, but I wasn’t always having fun.  Stress and anxiety became the norm.  Moments of peace were fleeting. The new year’s resolutions went unresolved.

This days, I strive to be positive. This motto from 2-years ago, “Live everyday as if was the last, stop complaining and start loving and living, be grateful and be at peace!,” lives on the forefront of my every day, even when I may forget an hour after I wake.

I wish this year to be a better one for every one, including myself.

Happiness is a choice we make. I resolve to choose it daily.