Has it been that long??

By on March 2, 2008

WOW! Has it been this long since the last time I blogged here? Time flies when you are having fun, I guess!

It has been a season of changes! It will be 2 years this month since we went to Puerto Rico. Our dear friend Sherry Bliss, who went with us to PR, passed away in the summer of 2007! Talk about putting life into perspective! She was someone that was healthy during our trip, found out 6 months later the she had cancer, and died within the year of being diagnosed. Sherry was 36!

Sherry put up a fight in her months battling cancer! And in her struggles she taught us many lessons. She taught us patience, and love, and the importance of friendship. However the most important gift she gave us, was the understanding that life is too short to fret about!

Don and I have had many ups and downs since then. Our business was slow last year, and our focus was spread in multiple endeavors. Personally, we have experience many changes, emotionally and spiritually and we continue to grow on a daily basis.

After attending Millionaire Mind Intensive training in Atlanta on September, 2007, our lives turned into a rollercoaster of change, for the best if I may say. We have established different behavior patterns that allow for our personal development on a daily basis. We journal every day, meditate, read books with a positive message, and practice the principles taught by the Law of Attractions. Sometimes we see as results may take some time to come around to us. Other times they show up as synchronistic subtleties or very strongly in the form of a cosmic 2 by 4, as we lovingly call it!

As we head into one more personal development training, we are exited to say that we are enjoying life changes as they present themselves. Most times everything follows our thinking strategy. Sometimes, when things don’t seem to go as planned, they are gentle reminders to correct our course by correcting our blueprint.

We have learned the hard way that what we resist persist, and that we manifest into our lives whatever we hold in our thoughtBe careful what you wish for, we often say to each other in a loving way, for we understand the power of focusing on that which we don’t want, instead of on that which we do want. (I know, it doesn’t make sense to me sometimes either… go along with it… ponder about it!)

Richard Bach says that life is for fun and learning… when you are not having fun, it means you are learning! I happen to agree with that! And on the odd chance that you find yourself reading this, I wish you fun in life! Although, every once in a while, learning is also good for the heart and soul!

In the meantime, Be @ Peace!