2015-01 ~Jan 22

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Meet Amy Darkside!  Amy became part of our family on Memorial Day 2014.  She’s a rescued kitten who had been abandoned in the streets of Senoia, GA.

Since becoming part of the family, she’s not only become a celebrity, but Amy also has added life to this household.  Not that our other kitties didn’t, however she’s makes it a point to make herself know to all of us.

I’m not only glad that Scott Ludwig found her, but also that we rescued her.


2015-01 ~Jan 21

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Tranquility that comes from staring out the window onto a world of chaos,
lingering peace that fills the room where thoughts are kept,
the visiting idea fairy leaves a present for the world to see,
Ideas from yesterday, blossom today.


Busy day running around, but life is good.


2015-01 ~Jan 20

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Another day without much to say. Sharing a photo of Dusty relaxing.


2015-01 ~Jan 19

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Today I’m keeping it short!  I don’t want to break the streak I have so far, but I have to go to bed soon.

What am I grateful for today?  Health, friends, family, and life.  Not many can say the same.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another day.


2015-01 ~Jan 18

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I’ve been a bit frustrated trying to find plane tickets to Puerto Rico.  TripAdvisor says I can get a round trip for $388, but when I go looking for that fare, it’s at least $150 more.  Why do airlines do this?

Since I’ve been living in South Carolina, a trip home does not happen as often as I would like.  When I lived in Florida, it was “easier” and definitely less expensive.  For the next few years, I need to make it a point to visit more often, since Daddy’s health is slowly declining.

Most of my family still lives in Puerto Rico.  No one ever thinks of the worse, and we live our lives as if nothing would ever happen.  However, we are not getting any younger.  My brother and sister have their kids that are not kids either.  The younger kids are already in high school, and the oldest one is in his second year of college.  My brother’s 3 older kids are married with children and have families of their own. There are cousins I remember changing their diapers that are now married and their kids are also going to high school and college.

We are all growing old, that’s the circle of life.  Some of us are doing it more gracefully than others.



2015-01 ~Jan 17

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“A mis amigos les adeudo la ternura
y las palabras de aliento y el abrazo;
el compartir con todos ellos la factura
que nos presenta la vida, paso a paso.”  ~Alberto Cortez


Today I’m a bit nostalgic.  I’ve been thinking of times long gone, the friendships forged, and childhood.  For some reason the words to this song came to mind while having breakfast.  I did a search online for Alberto Cortez’s songs and found a few YouTube videos.  So, I’ve been listening while waiting on a couples to come for massage this morning.

I won’t be sharing much today.  I’ll just leave you with the words to this song in hopes that tomorrow turns to be a better day.


2015-01 ~Jan 16

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I’ve been thinking about the roads not taken.  Thru his writing, Richard Bach, talks about the different roads our “other selves” take with every decision we make.  With every “fork” on the road, the decisions we make determine the life we live!  That’s always been my philosophy.  I also believe that the destination is never as important as the journey there because, Life is all about the journey!

The show Sliders, a favorite of mine in the 90s, perfectly depicted the concept of alternate realities. I’ve had dreams about specific “forks on the road” in my life.  And I’ve seen how they fair on both directions of the choices, like a computer, analyzing every option before actually following a choice.  As a computer programmer, one generate flowcharts to evaluate every possibility in our code.  We are the ones that design the solutions. In a way, we create the worlds that one will follow depending on the options taken.

Once in a while, I find myself wondering how the decisions I didn’t make are fairing in their alternate world as compared to my world of choices. One may think I’m living in regret, however all I’m saying is, I sometimes wonder.


2015-01 ~Jan 15

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What to say?  Just enough to share a few words for today.

Today is been an interesting day!  It started with meeting a friend for morning coffee, someone that inspires me to continue to develop my creative skills.  After that, the day unfolded slowly and steadily.  A visit to the bank, a conversation with my father, an online chat with my web hosting provider, and an hour walk at the hospital grounds.  All in a day’s worth.



2015-01 ~Jan 14

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I was thinking about my day yesterday.  It felt like everything was thrown at me at once.  I answered phone calls, went to two banks, prepared paperwork for the office, massage a client, and even had time to get some writing done.  Although my writing did not feel complete, everything else I did, I had fun taking care of it.

Life can be like this some times.  There will be days when you run around like a mouse on a spinning wheel and there will be days that you can sit and relax and have fun.  For those days when you are the mouse on the wheel, make the most of it as you keep spinning.  When there is time to relax, take a deep breath and enjoy every second of it.




2015-01 ~Jan 13

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Is this a public forum?  I created this space to share my creative self.  However it sometimes feels I’m gagged and I can’t “speak” my mind at all.  My creativity seems to be on sabbatical of late, at least that’s how it feels.  Ideas that frequently flow are stock somewhere along the edges of fear.  They feel trapped and restrained.

But why?  Not sure if it is the rat race of the every day life, or just the fact that I don’t seem to find the time to get centered and listen to what spirit has to say.  My mind is always running and so is my body.  There is not enough hours in a day to complete every task.  Anxiety fills every cell of my being and the image of a chicken running around with its head cut off is the only sure result of such feelings.

I’ll leave it at that for now.