Life is Choices!

By on May 22, 2005

Life is a series of events, some are to our liking, but most of them are not. It’s easier to choose our personal battles when we can remember this.

Life is also all about choices. At every point in our life when we decide where we are going, we leave behind a whole other set of posibilities. Moving forward in one direction means moving away from another direction.

How many times in life have we wonder if we’d taken the right turn? It’s like wanting to get somewhere and driving two different routes. How many times we wished we have made better decisions in all? These questions are not about regret, but about the choices we make!

I had a dream a while ago where I was trying to reach an airport platform. When I got to a fork on the road, I took the left side of the road, while most of the group I was following took the right side. For a moment I thought that I had taken the wrong turn on the road. Even though I arrived at my destination, I was looking at it from the opposite side.

Life presents us with many posibilities. With every decision the path that is laid out behind us represent our past. Our future, however is open in front of us. The past is what we know. The future are the decision we must make!

Have you ever thought about the paths we didn’t take? They are the alternate us that took other paths. How does their wisdom going to affect the life we live? Most times we don’t think anything of them, they are just forgotten the minute we make a decision. But, are they trully forgotten?

I don’t think so, I believe that most times we recognize them as regrets in our lives. Have you ever thought for a moment, what if we could talk to these alternate us? What would they teach us and what would we learn?

As I sit here contemplating the choices I’ve made in life, I ponder the possibilities! What if one day I could talk to them all! What would they say?