Remember to Practice, Practice to Remember

By on May 7, 2006

Since the early 90’s, when I first started studying A Course in Miracles on a regular basis, the best idea that ever came to my mind was this: “Remember to Practice, Practice to Remember!” Almost 12 years had gone by, and still that phrase comes to mind very often.

I just finished reading “The Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary Renard. All this time, I’ve put up my studying the Course because I find it too simple to understand at the intellectual level. I used to say to my Course instructor all the time “I get it, this world and everything in it, is all an illusion! Then, what am I still doing here?”

Ever since middle school, I’ve always talked about Heaven and Hell as being a state of mind. I’d never believe in sin the way Christianity presents it either. And when we die, I believe we would be reunited with the all Loving Mind of God. In a way and before ever seeing the Course, I’ve always agreed with what it has to say. I understand the illusions of the world. I understand the trap of the Ego. I also understand that there are only two emotions, Love and Fear and that when I’m not choosing Love, I’m living in Fear!

In the meantime, I was struggling with having been laid off from a job, not having enough money, keeping or loosing my marriage, and other events that not only added drama to my life, but also fed the Ego’s plan to distract me from the path. The best way for me to refocus my mind away from the Ego’s perverted plan was to often read my own words: “Remember to Practice, Practice to Remember!”

Renard’s book opened up a new door regarding the practice of the principles taught by the Course. This book provided me with a new view and understanding of the practice of forgiveness. Accepting responsibility for my actions is more than just stopping the judgment against others, but also against myself. And by forgiving others, forgiveness is also granted to me, then repairing the error that no one committed in the first place.

I see now that there are so many forgiveness lessons for me to learn. That’s why am still here! I’m still dealing with the seeming “reality” of this world. I still fall for Ego’s trap. The movie presented to us in our everyday life shows us a sick world. Bigger conflicts develop, the politics, the wars, immigration, all issues affecting this country and the world, are just louder ways for the Ego to distract us, or better yet, to lure us into the trap of accepting this world as the only reality there is. And that once we died, there is nothing else for us but hell and condemnation for our sinful lives.

“Remember to Practice, Practice to Remember” is the best tool I’ve found to apply the principles of forgiveness that the Course presents to us. Practice makes perfect! Remembering to practice the principles of A Course in Miracles will eventually help us remember to forgive on a regular basis. Practicing forgiveness, allows us to remember the truth of who we truly are, eventually rendering useless the power of the Ego over us.

I guess is never to late to continue learning and asking the Holy Spirit to intervene in helping us connect to the truth of our being, that we may eventually accept forgiveness and be reunited in the all Loving presence of God.

In the meantime, let us remember to practice the forgiveness that will allow us to remember the truth of our oneness with God!