The Journey

By on July 5, 2005

I’ve learned so much throughout my life. We all go thru life mostly oblivious to the truth, always searching, on a quest to self-development.I value what I’ve learned so far from life. But I still think there is a missing part to my life. Whether is purpose or courage or whatever it is! There is a lot of intricate images and ideas that I’ve wanted to put on paper for the longest time.Growing up in Puerto Rico, I used to be able to write while listening to an oldies radio station. I loved sitting at my made up desk at around 10:00 am, turn on the radio to Fidelity 95.5 (later on 95.7) and sit with my composition notebook. I would draw a rainbow on the page and ad some one liner idea. Sometimes if I felt very creative I would write a poem. I remember starting my first notebook the summer before my junior year in high school. I looked forward to my time writing and a lot of good ideas came from that. That summer I also finished reading Illusions by Richard Bach. Since then my notebook turned into a journal of possible adventure for a female messiah. Still to this day I find my notebooks full of journal pages signed by the character.When I write, what do I write? Am I writing reminders of my believes? Could I share these reminders with others?What is my purpose? What makes my heart sing? Where do I start, where do I end? Where does the universe start its part; where does it end?

The more I write the more questions I may have!

Maybe it’s good to continue,
maybe it’s good to stop,
maybe it’s good to reflect,
maybe it’s good to wait,
to listen for an answer
that would come from the silence
and the stillness of my heart.

Life shouldn’t be about tryings but about doings. When we take action, we set in motion more than just what we are trying to accomplish. There is a ripple effect that touches many others, not just us. Writing for myself may eventually turn into food for thought to others.

So, where do I end and others begin? The line is so fine we miss it most times. How my actions affect others? How my decisions become the corner stone to other’s doing or lack of, is the invisible line we fail to see! We are examples to others! “Live never to be ashamed” I believe Richard Bach says that. So what does it mean? Live truthfully or shamelessly?

This may be more complicated than I thought. At least I’m pondering and thinking about it!